Our Functions

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FPNA Administration

Our Administration function is to maintain the membership database, bookkeeping and annual elections; and to keep FPNA on task with fundraising & budget management necessary to serve our community.

FPNA Membership  

Our Membership functions to actively enlist new individual and business members who want to contribute to the development of our neighborhood. FPNA Membership conducts the annual FPNA Open House Meet & Greet Members’ Meeting.

FPNA Communications

The Communications function is to build a voice in the community by maintaining FPNA’s website, and to keep the membership informed through its blog, meeting announcements and minutes, and other vital announcements concerning the neighborhood.
FPNA Community Outreach

Our Outreach function is focused on forging relationships and connections with other groups and individuals with a stake in Fort Point’s future, including elected officials, local business owners and government agencies to ensure that the voice of local residents is heard.

FPNA Public Safety

The Public Safety function actively tracks licensing issues, including crime, street safety, noise pollution and disturbances while liaising with local government to maintain Fort Point as a safe and agreeable part of the city.

FPNA Parking/Transportation

Our Parking function is dedicated to promoting improved parking access, including pedestrian and transit-centered facilities while liaising with local government to maintain Fort Point as a safe and accessible part of the city.

FPNA Urban Planning

The Urban Planning function is to monitor and comment on quality of life issues affecting Fort Point by responding to the environmental impacts of new development through planning and zoning initiatives by Boston’s public and private sectors.

FPNA Open Space

The Open Space function promotes the maintenance and construction of existing and new park spaces, including promotion of pedestrian friendly streetscapes and green space, and to identify opportunities for adding new recreational facilities for residents, families, and pet owners.