One Channel Center Project Meeting Update

updated 3.9.14:  Access to Haul Rd/ South Boston Bypass Rd restricted to commercial cars.

updated 2.13.14: Gillette parking lot closes Friday, February 14, 2014 to Channel Center monthly parkers. Read more details below

Commonwealth Ventures updated residents about the One Channel Center project on February 5, 2014. State Street employees start arriving this week. Employees will arrive in groups of approximately 250 a week. Currently, the first seven floors are open for occupancy. State Street is running one shuttle bus with a pick-up/drop-off on Iron St. and then traversing up Channel Center Street to A Street.

The Channel Center garage opened on February 7, 2014. Standard Parking is the operator. The garage is equipped with security cameras and blue phones. Until approximately mid-March, the daily flat rate will be $15 with an on-site attendant from 5:30am – 11:30pm. There will be a phone number posted for after hour access. Once automated, the garage will be self service with a $24 per day maximum with night and weekend discounts. Existing Channel Center parking clients must move from the Gillette lot by Friday, February 14, 2014 to the Channel Center garage. Any questions, please contact the garage office at 617-269-1830 or Paul McNamera . The garage façade is in production and installation is scheduled for April through May.  The artistic façade will be visible from all four sides.

A meeting was scheduled for last Friday regarding the Richards Street activation and the work that needs to be done at Richards/Medallion and Richards/By Pass Road. The streets around the east and southern elevations of One Channel Center and around the park will become City of Boston streets. At the time of the Channel Center meeting, no definitive dates had been set for traffic light installations. The lighting of the new “old-fashioned” style street lights is awaiting the Department of Public Works scheduling with Nstar. Residents requested that traffic signs be posted to ensure safe flow throughout the neighborhood. The requested signs and locations are: Do Not Enter at Medallion/Iron, Stop signs at Medallion/Richards and a Stop or Caution warning at the exit of the USPS facility onto Medallion.

The Haul Rd/South Boston Bypass Rd will remain open on a trial basis beyond the Callahan Tunnel reopening in March. All parties with the exception of MassPort want the road to be open in perpetuity.

The pocket park, located at the corner of 10 Channel Center & Iron Sts, will resume plantings in the spring along with installation of benches made from old timbers from 5 Channel Center and a mosaic art installation.

The new park will resume in the spring as well with a target completion date of June. A 100 acre non-profit will be established under the leadership of the BRA’s Rich McGuiness to maintain the park.

Commonwealth Ventures will be scheduling more meetings in the future as the project reaches completion.

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