Channel Center Development

We are Channel Center community members who have been concerned about the outcome of the BRA community meeting last Monday May 14.  We want to press the agency and the developer for community input to the project development and design, and to extend the deadline for comment to provide for adequate dialogue.

We’ve prepared a letter to the BRA which we hope you’ll join us in signing, if you’re in agreement.

Thanks for your consideration.

Mary-Jo Adams               25 Channel Center

Alex Alexandrov               35 Channel Center

Stephen Bettinelli            35 Channel Center

Jane Deutsch                  249 A Street

Rhiannon Hayes              21 Wormwood Street

Dominic Jones                35 Channel Center

Sara McCammond          15 Channel Center

Jen Mecca                      15 Channel Center

Melanie Ray                   35 Channel Center

Joe Rogers                    21 Wormwood Street

John Sasso                    25 Channel Center

Cam Sawzin                   35 Channel Center

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